World Cleanup Day mobile app

UI/UX Design, Art Direction
World Cleanup is an app for managing a large environmental event, World Cleanup Day, that unites 15 million volunteers from 147 countries. My clients from Let’s Do It Foundation are a massive global movement aimed to promote sustainable development goals and to tackle the pollution of our planet.
On the one hand, the first version of the app was created by another development company, therefore, I had to define the problems with user experience of navigation and to suggest solutions. On the other hand, my list of tasks included a new user flow of event creation. Besides, I had to manage clients’ design volunteers who were responsible for illustrations.
My contribution
as a part of Yalantis team
Jan 2018 - Jun 2018
During this project I have focused on 3 key topics. Firstly, I had to design new features and to implement them into logic structure that was already existed. I achieved my goal by following agile-based methodology, creation of mindmaps and testing my ideas on real users. A true leader is not afraid to receive a negative feedback on his work, so I always keep the results from my test prototypes visible for all team members.

Secondly, I created a friendly work environment for my clients, our team and remote volunteers. For instance, t-shirts for our team helped me to build team spirit.

Thirdly, I contributed to the process of receiving investment from Estonian government for next iterations of the apps’ development. The project had a huge number of stakeholders and not all of them were reachable. Therefore, I used to visualize our achievements in short presentations with graphs. This activity was not my responsibility, however, I was eager to support my client during the briefings with investors.

During user interface design stage, I had to make the design more intuitive, therefore, I added more colour accents to highlight key flows. All my user interface decisions were based on World Cleanup’s guidelines to keep strong associations with the brand.
Finished project
My team and I resolved a complex challenge. We created an efficient process, met deadlines and created a user-friendly product. In September 2018, the series of cleanups began on the small island nation of Fiji and swept across the planet to finish in American Samoa. Now the app is in development again, however, it is still attracting more users and drawing their attention to the environmental problems.

On October 9, 2018, UNESCO awarded the action of World Cleanup Day and its Keep It Clean Plan with the UNESCO-Japan Prize on Education for Sustainable Development.

In November 2018, World Cleanup also became the winner of the World Summit Award in the Environment & Green Energy category.