eCuris web app

UI/UX Design
eCuris is a digital health platform to unite patients, their relatives, doctors & health professionals for fast communication and information exchange. Furthermore, the app helps doctors to remotely monitor their patients’ health.
As our team strove to build a large, scalable platform for the healthcare industry, I had to make sure that the platform would be easy to navigate for everyone – patients, doctors, and other healthcare providers. Besides, I had to deal with the situation when one user plays more than one role.
During the project I had to work under the supervision of a senior designer Serhii Hanushak. As a part of his mentorship, Serhii has created a plan for every design stage. His plan included both user experience and user interface tasks such as creation of mindmaps, wireframing and prototyping. I have participated in all design stages, however, my main focus was the design for a healthboard. This is the main feature of eCuris application and the place where all health-related information is displayed.

Firstly, I structured communication that happens on the healthboard around a particular patient (patient context) and a program which is usually related to a disease or chronic condition. When a doctor or caregiver picks the name of a patient on the healthboard, all data related to this patient that they have access to is displayed.

Secondly, inspired by the channels approach in Slack, we suggested to add sidebars for navigation purposes. I allocated some space on the left side of the screen and put a list of contexts there to allow users to easily switch between healthboards. The first item in this list is always the context for the current user, followed by a list of users for whom the current user is a caregiver, then followed by a list of the user’s family members.
My contribution
as a part of Yalantis team
Nov 2016 — Jun 2017
eCuris was developed with the purpose of delivering collaboration, support, and rewards together in order to achieve lasting behaviour change and preventative health. Nowadays the app is used in American hospitals.
Finished project