Ukrainian Day on Parliament Hill event

Ukrainian Day on Parliament Hill (UDPH), organised by Canada Ukraine Parliamentary Program (CUPP) 2017 interns, was held in Ottawa on October 31, 2017. The event took place at House of Commons. Over 30 Members of Parliament attended as did several members of Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers.
At the core of the event were Canada-Ukraine relations facilitated by the CUPP interns working at the Members of Parliament offices. Under the motto “Ukraine unites” we strived to present a contemporary image of Ukraine through the lens of proactive youth, innovations, entrepreneurship, and creativity.
User research
Graphic design
Art direction
Print design
Adobe CC
Sep – Nov 2017
The Petrykivka style of painting is one of the most unique forms of ornamental folk art which is originating in the village of Petrykivka in Sicheslavska Oblast, Ukraine. Traditionally colourful, Petrykivka was predominantly used to decorate the white walls of the houses.

I was born and raised in the Dnipro city located close to this village. Since childhood, the fascination with Ukrainian ornamental folk art has only grown. As a consequence, I am striving to save Petrykivka's story and contribute to its development.
I took this photo of Petrykivka paintings in the Petrykivka Centre of Folk Art, 2018
Petrykivka story
Haven't heard about Petrykivka before? Check the video I crafted for you 💙 It will take less than 3 minutes to immerse in Ukrainian nature, art and traditions.
During the USSR's rule over Ukraine from 1922-1991, there was a shift in using and understanding this type of art. It is fascinating that the art did not lose its authenticity because there was an attempt to politicise Petrykivka.

Petrykivka artists had to create portraits of V. Lenin, Y. Gagarin and Soviet red army soldiers decorated with characteristic floral ornaments and depictions of everyday life. Even in such stressful situations Ukrainians were always passionate about the beauty of nature and artistic reflection.

Inspired by enthusiasm and hard work of Petrykivka artists, I was eager to promote Ukrainian heritage by creating an art exhibition.
''It was always somebody who supported Petrykivka and kept practising it no matter what,'' said Ukrainian artists of the Petrykivka Centre of Folk Art.
Petrykivka folk art analysis
To keep the Petrykivka recognisable, I had to define the visual characteristics of digital artworks.
Target group
Based on our event's invitation list
Members of Parliament, interns, founders of CUPP, CUPP alumni, members of Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers, Ukrainian activists, members of the Ukrainian diaspora in Canada.
My contribution
Self-initiated project
As a designer, I was responsible for the visual part of UDPH event: hall decoration and print materials. By the creation of digital artworks, I gave a fresh breath to the techniques of Petrykivka painting and ignited people to explore Ukrainian folk art. Moreover, I introduced Petrykivka to people who have never heard about this painting style.
Finished project
CUPP interns received many positive feedbacks on the event from attendees. Andriy Shevchenko, a current Ambassador of Ukraine to Canada noted an impressive result of CUPP intern's work.

This is only the beginning of my journey to save Ukrainian heritage. I am going to do more Petrykivka projects.
Further development
Petrykivka is typically painted with the cat or squirrel fur brushes. With the arrival of modern technologies, it is possible to merely imitate the Petrykivka strokes using digital tools. Thus, this project can be considered as a creative response to the digitalisation of our world.

Previously, bright flowers of Petrykivka were created for real buildings and objects. Nowadays ornamental folk elements can evolve to be a part of an installation or a website.

In future, I plan to continue experiments with this digitalisation approach. I am eager to discover how an individual will feel while gaining art skill to draw such Petrykivka flowers. In reality, such activity requires patience and consistent practice. Though, a digital interactive installation may be a new way to engage with folk art techniques.
Petrykivka is inscribed in 2013 on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
Gratitude to team
CUPP 2017 interns became more than colleagues for me. Our creative collaboration, friendship and high ambitions helped us to organise the event of an extremely high level. Warm thanks for the support and meaningful time together.