Cognitive Borders Poster

Graphic Design
Nowadays our world is full of cognitive borders. Whether intentional or not, prejudice and discrimination ensure the continuance of inequality. Moreover, even subconsciously, people are furthering inequality through actions and reactions with others. Our feelings or prejudices influence our actions.
The organisers of the SHUBA Design conference have invited curious designers to participate in the contest of posters “Border Studies” and express their ideas in the artworks.
The application to the open call allowed me to share my key message “Stay critical thinkers” to the public. I explored the nature of borders, their volatility and impact on daily life by having various face-to-face discussions with people and watching TED Talks related to this topic. I focused on invisible, but intellectually tangible boundaries that separate people, communities, and societies, creating unity or becoming the basis for conflict. By using the power of colours and their most common associations, I compared the vision of different people.
My contribution
Self-initiated project
May 2017
My poster was selected for the exhibition, therefore, all attendees were able to see it and to reflect the need to save all “colours of our reality“.
Finished project